What is Affiliate Marketing?

When it comes to making passive income online, our favourite method is AFFILIATE MARKETING

Affiliate marketing is simply advertising for someone else, whether it be on your website, blog, Instagram account, Youtube, yada yada yada, using a special, customized link provided from whomever you’re advertising for.

You put up an ad, when people visit your site, click on the ad and purchase something, voila! You earn a commission!

It’s that easy.

These ads can come in all forms from text links, backlinks, banner ads, VSL (video sales letters) and so on. As long as the customer purchases the product through your special link, you earn the commission.

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They teach you everything you need to know and help you along the way to making your first affiliate sale.

Affiliate marketing does not require a lot of money, or special skill and it truly is the best way to make money while you sleep.

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Stay wealthy my friends,

the SEH Team

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